Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge, Rustic Bronze FinishLid-Stay Torsion Hinge, Rustic Bronze Finish
Hinge and lid support — all in one! Similar to hinges in laptop computers, these heavy-duty cast-zinc hinges allow virtually any size lid to open smoothly, hold its position, and then easily cl..

Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge, Rustic Bronze Finish

Toy Box Lid SupportsToy Box Lid Supports
Prevents lids from accidentally slamming shut on fingers. Measures approximately 5'' long pivot to pivot in extended position. Use this formula to choose your supports: (lid wt. times front to back si..

Toy Box Lid Supports

Lapcon Cabinet Lid SupportLapcon Cabinet Lid Support
A unique lift-assist mechanism makes for easy opening, and doors stay open in any position. Damper enables soft door closing with adjustable speed. Supports install simply along the edge of the ca..

Lapcon Cabinet Lid Support

Lift-O-Mat® Gas SpringsLift-O-Mat® Gas Springs
Effortless opening of doors and lids! Gas springs are the ideal choice for cabinet doors and lid supports that open upward. You’ll get soft and quiet closing, plus smooth motion and stopping...

Lift-O-Mat® Gas Springs

Heavy-Duty Soft Down Lid SupportHeavy-Duty Soft Down Lid Support
With a range of 60-86'' /pound per support, these heavy-duty supports offer the security of gentle descent for larger applications...

Heavy-Duty Soft Down Lid Support

Cedar Chest Hinge and Lid SupportCedar Chest Hinge and Lid Support
Time-tested classic!..

Cedar Chest Hinge and Lid Support

Basic Economy Drop Front SupportBasic Economy Drop Front Support
Simple elbow jointed arm is easy to install. Short arm is 5'' and long arm is 6''. Made of brass-plated steel. Price for each...

Basic Economy Drop Front Support

Soft down supportSoft down support
Lids lower gently--never crushing fingers...

Soft down support

Quiet Action SupportQuiet Action Support
Patented friction discs at the pivot point prevent lids from slamming shut...

Quiet Action Support

Decorative Chain SupportDecorative Chain Support
Excellent for use as a stay on wardrobe doors or boxes...

Decorative Chain Support

Jewelry Box Lid SupportJewelry Box Lid Support
Small version of brass mortised support. Cut a mortise 1/4'' wide x 2-7/8'' long x 1/2'' deep to install. Solid brass...

Jewelry Box Lid Support

Stopmatic Support With CatchStopmatic Support With Catch
The catch and stays are reversible for right- or left-handed installations...

Stopmatic Support With Catch

Damper Gas Spring KitDamper Gas Spring Kit
Stops fall-front cabinet doors from slamming down. Smooth motion and quiet opening to 90º...

Damper Gas Spring Kit

Easy-Lift Lid SupportEasy-Lift Lid Support
By rear-mounting this lid support and placing it at least 6'' from the edge of the lid, you'll get added safety and smooth lift-up action...

Easy-Lift Lid Support

Solid Brass HardwareSolid Brass Hardware
Works as either a lid support or drop front...

Solid Brass Hardware

Briefcase SupportBriefcase Support
Attractive brass plated steel...

Briefcase Support

Large Lid SupportLarge Lid Support
Great for many uses, such as large boxes and display cases...

Large Lid Support

Trunk Lid SupportTrunk Lid Support
Designed for trunks and chests with box style lids. Holds lid secure in open position when needed...

Trunk Lid Support

Adjustable Lid SupportAdjustable Lid Support
A versatile support that can be mounted horizontally or vertically, on either the left or right hand side...

Adjustable Lid Support

Combination Hinge and Drop Front SupportCombination Hinge and Drop Front Support
This proven hardware lowers the drop front to a comfortable writing position, making it an excellent choice for slant or straight front secretaries...

Combination Hinge and Drop Front Support

Self Balancing Lid SupportSelf Balancing Lid Support
An adjustable spring loaded support holds lids in open position...

Self Balancing Lid Support

Solid Brass SupportSolid Brass Support
Add a distinctive look to drafting tables as shown, or on the inside of chests and boxes for a lid support. Knob tightens at any point along the 10'' arm. Base is 3/4'' wide x 2-1/4'' long. Screws in..

Solid Brass Support

Soft Down SupportSoft Down Support
Drop front support. Lids lower gently--never crushing fingers. A speed adjustment screw lets you control the rate of descent. Support opens drop front to a maximum angle of 90°. They have nickel p..

Soft Down Support

Jewelry Box Tray SupportJewelry Box Tray Support
Lifts and lowers the jewelry box tray when lid opens and closes. By lifting the top tray, the support provides access to the jewelry below. Measures 7'' long overall. Use with a 95° stop hinge. So..

Jewelry Box Tray Support



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